Finishin' Up Another Busy Year

Just got back from a tour of the Northern Midwest with Jack Grelle's band.  Great time, thanks to all who came out to the shows, and the great musicians we got to play with and hang out with across the land.  Good friends Jack Klatt, The Cactus Blossums, The Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers, Al Scorch, Adam Lee, Cindy Wolf, Julian Davis, great to see ya!  New friends Kyle Ollah, The Fights, Feeding Leroy, Cherry Death, Chad Graves, Dusty Rust, One Lane Bridge, great to know ya!

My new record is almost done, just some loose ends left to track before mixing.  Super happy with how it's going.  Thanks to all who have participated thus far, Matt Meyer, Brice Baricevic, Joey Glynn, Mat Wilson, Adam Hoskins, Justin Brown, Jack Grelle, Tom Heath, Gary Hunt, Chris Baricevic, Kellie Everett, Jenny Roques Glynn, Ellen Herget, you're all-stars!  Also, Ben Majchrzak for the engineering, killin' it!

Just a hand full more shows before the end of the year, and then a couple few in January.  Thanks to all for the support this year, and I'll be seeing you wherever fine music is played! 

Back from Europe, hangin' round town...

Just had a great time traveling Europe with Pokey Lafarge and the guys.  Shot a lot of dice, made a lot of friends.  I'm mostly lurking around St. Louis now, watching all the great bands, eating all the great food, and drinking all the great beer!  Speaking of all that, Big Muddy Records Big Summer Picnic is comin' up at Off Broadway, and I'm sure to be onstage most of the night.  I also had the chance to preform with Lavender Country at Off Broadway recently, and all of those there could tell you how magical a night that was.  Anyway, the new record is started and will be getting some lead parts laid down soon by the finest St. Louis has to offer, look for it next year on Big Muddy Records, there will be more updates as I progress.  See you on the town!          

Headed Overseas

West Coast tour went great with Pokey Lafarge and Jack Grelle!  Thanks to all the friends that helped us out along the way, and to the Cactus Blossoms for being a great band and great company.  Headed to continental Europe with Pokey soon, dates are up.  When I get back I'll have the honor of performing with Lavender Country,  fronted by Patrick Haggerty, a new friend, a true hero, and a country music legend.  The band will feature some familiar St. Louisans, including Big Muddy Records' own Jack Grelle and Chris "Kristo" Baricevic.  If you haven't heard of Lavender Country, look it up and COME OUT!


Just rolled out the new site! Stay tuned for updates!